Why Elovate 15

Why use glucose instead of foods, sweets and juices?


It’s Faster

Foods and sweets must be first converted to glucose by your body anyway, so consuming glucose directly provides fast primary food energy.

Saves On Calories

You are only consuming 15 grams of glucose, not fats, salts, oils or unnecessary additional calories. Studies show that a diabetic experiencing 3 low blood sugars a week, if treated with juice or candy, will consume 26,000 extra calories a year.

Better Blood Sugar Management

Glucose gives you control to help regulate blood sugar more effectively and can reduce stress and blood sugar spikes.


No need to buy and stockpile unnecessary sweets, foods, and drinks which are less effective and more costly.


Why use Elovate 15?


15 grams of glucose

15 Grams of Glucose Per Pack

Our 15 gram serving size reflects the guidelines of the American Diabetes Association for a controlled metered approach to low blood sugar management. Other dry glucose products do not offer a discrete 15 gram serving of glucose.

More Convenient

The sealed flat Slimpaks conveniently go with you wherever and whenever you need them – ready to eat. No bulky bottles, tubes, or long sticks. Take a Slimpack with you in your wallet, pocket, purse, or keep some in a handy place.

Easy to Dispense and Use

The fine smooth powder dissolves instantly in your mouth, is pleasant to eat, and tastes great. No chewing multiple large tablets, coarse powders, or sticky gels. You can eat Elovate 15 directly out of the Slimpak or mix with a little cold water – as you like.

More Economical

We’re not packaging and shipping you water at your expense as with gels or liquids – and we pass the savings on to you! Elovate 15 does not contain water, but it does have 15 grams of glucose. It is more economical per serving than glucose gels or liquids, as well as other foods and drinks.