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15 grams of glucose

15 Grams of Glucose Per Pack

Our 15 gram serving size reflects the guidelines of the American Diabetes Association for a controlled metered approach to low blood sugar management. Other dry glucose products do not offer a discrete 15 gram serving of glucose.

More Convenient

The sealed flat Slimpaks conveniently go with you wherever and whenever you need them – ready to eat. Other powder products have only 10mg and those in tablet form are just 4mg each, so you have to eat 4 tablets to get the dosage that ONE slimpack has.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Elovate 15?

Elovate 15 is a flavored glucose powder for elevating low blood sugar. It comes in portable packets of 15 gram servings.

Why Use Elovate15 Instead of Other Glucose Products?

Unlike other dry glucose products, Elovate15 uniquely provides the recommended full 15 grams of glucose in one discrete serving. The flat slim packet is more convenient to carry with you than tubes, bottles, and sticks. The silky fast-dissolving powder is very pleasant and convenient to use, not requiring chewing multiple tablets or coarse powders, or dispensing gels. Gel and liquid products offering 15 grams glucose cost more than Elovate15 since they essentially must package and ship significant amounts of water.

Why Does Each Packet of Elovate 15 Contain 15 Grams of Glucose?

The American Diabetes Association recommends 15 grams of glucose as part of their guidelines for low blood sugar. Below are the American Diabetes Association guidelines

  • Consume 15-20 grams of glucose or simple carbohydrates
  • Recheck your blood glucose after 15 minutes
  • If hypoglycemia continues, repeat
  • Once blood glucose returns to normal, eat a small snack if your next planned meal or snack is more than an hour or two away

Why Use Elovate 15 Instead of Food, Sweets or Drinks?

Unlike other foods, Elovate 15 is glucose which your body can use right away. Sugars and carbs from food and drinks must be converted to glucose by your body before they are available as energy. There are many benefits to using Elovate15 instead of food and drink. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Can I Mix With Water?

Yes. You can mix Elovate 15 with cold water or any liquid. One packet can dissolve in just several tablespoons of cold water. Be sure the powder completely dissolves before drinking.

Is Elovate15 OK for Kids?

Yes, Elovate 15 was designed for kids and adults in accordance with American Diabetes Association guidelines. We recommend parental supervision for children. They’ll want to eat more!

Can I Bring Elovate 15 Anywhere?

The packet is flat, slim, waterproof, and airtight, and is designed to be conveniently carried with you wherever you go. Put a Slimpak in your wallet, purse, pocket and use Elovate 15 wherever and whenever you need to.

How Do I Use Elovate 15?

Elovate 15 can be eaten directly by dispensing the powder into your mouth in convenient amounts until the entire contents of the packet is consumed. You can also mix the powder with cold water or liquids and drink it.

When Should I Use Elovate15?

When you experience a low blood sugar event. The American Diabetes Association defines low blood sugar as a reading of 70 mg/dl (milligrams per deciliter) or lower. However you should always follow the recommendations of your own doctor. For more information on Diabetes, please CLICK HERE

What is Hypoglycemia, Low Blood Sugar?

Hypoglycemia is a physiological state that diabetics can experience where blood glucose — the sugar in your blood — falls below normal range. Hypoglycemia is the medical term but you may also hear it referred to as a low blood sugar episode, or the lows. Even when you’re doing all you can to manage your diabetes, you may experience a low.

Usually people experience low blood sugar in its mild form and feel a few mild symptoms like fatigue, confusion, hunger, headache, dizziness, or shakiness. Hypoglycemia, however, can also be experienced in its severe form where you are unable to eat or drink carbohydrate and need the help of another person. Severe hypoglycemia can be life-threatening. At these times being prepared in advance for a low can be life-saving.

Where is Elovate15 Made?

Elovate 15 is made in the USA.

Who Should Use Elovate 15?

Elovate 15 was made for diabetics who need to increase their blood sugar levels in accordance with American Diabetes Guidelines

Can I Pour the Entire Packet in My Mouth?

We recommend dispensing a convenient amount of Elovate 15 powder into your mouth at one time, let it quickly dissolve, then pour some more.