I appreciate you all translating this issue to a process modification. That shows me that Diasan not only makes a great product, but is managed by and employs highly intelligent people. I am a Project Manager by trade, who focused on process development and improvement, so you just made me giddy! I am also currently doing a lot of active movement coaching for people with movement disorders and depend on my Elevate to help me “keep going”. I have had type 1 Diabetes since birth (over 45 years, yikes!) and please be assured that I will be shouting Diasan & Elevate from the rooftops! I appreciate you and Don. I also hope Don got some rest last night as he responded to my email close to midnight and was still emailing me in the wee hours of the morning. (Also some unbelievable and delightful customer service!)
Happy Holidays, – Lori

Got my elovate 15 today and tried it for the first time. I am so impressed! The consistency of the powder is great. VERY easy to take and not at all what I expected. I also love that there is no dye in it. I had two lows today and used it once on its own and once with water. It worked very quickly. I’m going to place another order and stock up. Thank you so much for this product! I’m a T1 of almost 20 years and with glucose tablets, I never know how much glucose I really get and it takes forever and with candy it’s just not reliable. With two young children I love having something like this and wasn’t sure what to do when my favorite glucose gel wasn’t available any longer. But, I have my answer….thank you so very much! …. I just can’t tell you how much reassurance it gives me to have this to use now. I am breastfeeding and have a husband who travels and had a low today. I mixed my elovate quickly with water and it did it’s job. I didn’t have to sit and try to eat tablets or find candy that would take forever to work. You just don’t have time to wait around when you have kids and it’s not safe!!! Finding fast acting items to use on my lows is honestly why I think I have been able to avoid any black outs or needing assistance in my 20 years as a type 1 🙂 well…..that and checking my blood sugar 15x a day helps -Christina Crowther

I love Elovate! I went low last week late at night and took the packet as directed. I woke up, tested my blood sugar and it was 130! Where can I go to purchase it? -Hannah

Well I must say that this new treatment for low blood sugars called Elovate got a big thumbs up from my very picky son last night in the wee hours of the morning. It makes dextrose taste good! The cherry flavor is delicious. It comes in an easy to pocket package of quickly dissolving powder. The powder is easier to deal with than tablets especially when a bad low makes chewing difficult. If powder isn’t your thing, add a little water and it becomes gel-like. I hope the next flavor is cola YUMMY I recommend everyone try it. – Robert Edward

We were fighting a low early this morning, and I wanted to try something different from our usual ‘go-to’ foods and drinks. We were fortunate to receive a sample pack of Elovate15 from new friend and founder Pamela Russell Heyward. It worked great. We have never been a fan of glucose tabs, and this is a great alternative to any and all sweets-candy-sugar that we give to our kids. Thank you Pamela! John Franklin

When he feels low they are easy to eat. Its like a pixie stick. He likes how they taste, they dissolve quickly and they work fast. I watched him down one in a couple of seconds and he was good to go very quickly after that. – Real Elovate15 Customer

Pam, we received our first package of Elevate 15 on a Friday night, less than 5 hours later my wife had to wake up for work, her sugar was low and when she finally made it downstairs there was the Elevate, she took her first packet, she said it tasted great and brought her sugar to a level she could finish getting ready. There was no sugar spike like after I would normally give her food and juice not knowing how much to give. She loves it! Works perfectly and now she won’t leave home with out a pack in her purse and a bunch in her car! Thank you again! Will these be available in stores soon? Bill Malloy

For a boy its hard to find “food” to carry with them at all times. He shoves everything in his pockets. He is 15 years old and does not want to carry anything. He loves that he can take 2 Elovates and just put them in his back pocket. They lay flat and don’t take up space. – Real Elovate15 Customer

I agree regarding your product. It hit me when we put it up on our site (http://wwwfrioinsulincoolingcase.com/other-diabetic-products.html) next to the other glucose we sell. It is so much less expensive – and better! Good stuff! Dan Katzki ReadyCare- Frio

We received our first box of Elovate 15 a few days ago and had our first opportunity today to try it out. My six-year-old daughter went low (49) and tried her first pack. She loved the way it tasted and I loved the how quickly it dissolved. Fifteen minutes later she tested at 127, which is in her ideal range! We’re hooked! Thanks for a great product! – Maggie S

Hi Pamela! The reason I’m writing is to tell you my eldest son is flying off this morning to college (gulp!) and last night we packed our last few Elovates for him to take (leaving none for our other son). My college son said he wished we had more because he really likes the convenience and effectiveness of the Elovates. God (and you!) provided more just in time! Wanted to thank you for a great product both of my boys use and appreciate.
Sincerely, – Jennifer

So glad I ordered many boxes of Elovate 15 today. They are so much better to use instead of Glucose tablets. The tablets are very hard to chew! Elovate 15 is a great powder mix that just melts in your mouth and the cherry flavor tastes so good. It really brings my low blood sugar back up fast! Great Product for all diabetics! – Lucy S