Elovate Family Story Authorization


  1. Diasan may choose to or is currently engaged in the business of creating media, which includes, but is not limited to, manuals, pamphlets, in-office display materials, mailers, newsletters, television commercials, textbooks, websites, and other media that may serve to educate, inform, and promote Diasan and Diasan products and services.
  2. The subject may provide to Diasan text, images, audio, and/or visual works (the “Testimonial Materials"), describing Subject and/or Subject’s opinions, for use in media as described above.
  3. The Subject expressly consents to be a subject of photographs for the above-mentioned purpose and acknowledges that the Subject may be recognizable in the images.
  4. The Subject agrees that the images and works may be cropped, altered, modified, and/or combined with other works.


For good and valuable consideration herein acknowledged as received:

The Subject releases Diasan and assigns permission to use the Testimonial Materials, images, and biographical information of Subject in any media for any purpose, which may include, among others, education, advertising, promoting, marketing, and packaging for any product or service.

The Subject warrants that the Testimonial Materials are the original work of Subject’s likeness and/or Testimonial Materials appears.

The Subject expressly acknowledges and agrees that Diasan is not liable for any further consideration, accounting, and/or further claims for any reason.