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Maintaining blood sugar levels is vital. Use Elovate 15 Glucose Powder if you need periodic to regular low blood sugar level rescue. Elovate 15 Glucose Powder, is fast, efficient, and easy to carry. Use Elovate 15 Glucose Powder rather than juice, candy, soda, and sports gels to precisely raise low blood sugar, fast. Pure glucose, when your body commands it. 

Wherever you are, live life.

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Elovate 15   Features

  • Delicious Black Cherry Flavor
  • Air & Watertight
  • Quick Dissolving
  • Easy to Carry
  • Gluten Free
  • Extended Shelf-Life
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Elovate 15 Benefits

  • Tastes Great like a Cherry-on-Top
  • Go Ahead and Dance in the Rain
  • Fast Acting for Quick Results
  • Tucks Easily into a Pocket or Bag
  • Great for people with Allergies
  • Store Elovate Everywhere

Blood Sugar is Glucose

When you measure your blood sugar, your meter is reading just your glucose level – not fructose, sucrose, other sugars, or ‘carbs’. That’s because, for energy, our cells use sugar mainly in the glucose form. So, other sugars, sweets, juices, carbohydrates, and foods must be first converted into glucose by the body to be useable blood sugar.

Sweets and Treats

It seems easy to reach for candy, soda, juice, and sweets when you need to quickly raise blood sugar. The body has to process it into glucose before it can raise blood sugar levels. The delayed rescue can lead to overeating these tasty treats. This may result in blood sugar spiking too high and over time, weight gain.

The American Diabetes Association recommends eating 15 grams of glucose for a low.**

**Visit the American Diabetes Association website or healthcare provider for details.